Reasons to rent instead of buy a house

With the current cost of real estate in Edmonton currently, it makes much more sense to rent Edmonton Apartments rather than purchase a home or buyout and Edmonton apartment. Not only will this help you to combat the current real estate prices but there are a number of other advantages to renting Edmonton Apartments over buying a house.

  1. Minimizing risk: when you buy a home you’re responsible for mortgage payments and upkeep for the home. Renters will never face foreclosure in any sense. Foreclosure rates are on the rise in Edmonton and losing your house is not the same possibility if you go about renting instead of buying. Even if you should face some form of unemployment you can look into renting a cheaper apartment or getting some kind of loan in order to make sure that you can pay rent. Paying for mortgage and extra utilities will really add up and you can minimize your risk through renting Edmonton Apartments.
  2. Flexibility: employment conditions can change and moving around for work is sometimes a reality. Rather than having to leave your house unsold in order to move, renting offers you much more flexibility and the ability to move around for work and also take employment opportunities as they come. Rental offer you more career flexibility making sure that you can get the best possible option for the most amount of money. If you rent Edmonton Apartments you can have more flexibility to travel as well.
  3. Saving money: renting in Edmonton department will allow you to save money. The cost of homeownership and paying property tax as well as maintenance can be extremely expensive. Many have found that the cost of rent as well as insurance is only a fraction of what it would cost to own a house with property tax, maintenance and higher insurance fees. With the price of real estate in Edmonton currently, renting in Edmonton apartment is the best way to save some money.
  4. Less hassle: in your own home irresponsible for any maintenance problems and upkeep. In apartment or in a rented home, if you need work done you simply call the landlord and have them call a contractor to fix the problem. If anything is to break in the residence a landlord is responsible for the upkeep. A renter won’t even have to mow the lawn or keep up on the outside gardening depending on the rental agreement that you have with your landlord. This can leave you with more time for yourself and a lot less hassle in your home as well as expense. Renting Calgary Apartments are some of the best ways to avoid hidden costs with homeownership and also to help save you time in the upkeep and maintenance of your home.

Keeping these reasons to rent instead of buying a house will help you to save money and get a great place to live in Edmonton. The flexibility that Edmonton Apartments can provide you with as well as the ease of living makes them well worth renting over owning.

March 2012 Rental Price Comparisons in Edmonton and Calgary


Every new month, RentersOnline analyzes the current rental market conditions in Edmonton & Calgary and creates a detailed rental stats page for each city. The above infographic shows the price difference for a wide variety of rental properties in Edmonton & Calgary. Calgary Apartments are consistently more expensive then their Edmonton counterparts. For full detailed rental stats, go to the Edmonton Rental Stats page , or the Calgary Rental stats page.

What can you do, If the landlord isn’t following the lease agreement?

There is much recourse that you can take and most definitely a lease will protect you. So the first thing you need to do is before you even rent a place. When you are in the process of renting a Calgary apartment, you need to make sure the lease is correct. To know this you will have to do some research on what if required in a lease. Then when you do that you are prepared to go look at a place. Just make sure you remember, you do not have to sign anything. If you do not agree with something then do not sign it, chances are you won’t get the place either.
When you are in the process of renting a place it is in your best interest to have a written lease, and always make sure you get a copy of it. Make sure you fully understand the lease and all the provisions. Usually you never really have any issues with your landlord or the lease, but if you do then you will be aware of it. It seems regardless of what the situation is it is always better to try to deal with the situation yourself. If you find that you are in a situation where your landlord is not following the lease, it would be best to approach them first. Depending on the situation they may have overlooked something and appreciate you bringing to their attention what is missing. Hopefully it is as easy as that and the issue is solved quickly.
Sadly that is not always the case and other action may have to be taken. It is always suggested that you do all correspondence in writing so that you have a paper trail if ever needed. A quick note of correspondence to the landlord listing the infraction would be a great start. Make the letter as clear and as unemotional as possible. List the infraction, the number in the lease it pertains to and what you would like done. Be clear and concise as to when you want it done and the recourse you will take if not. Depending in the situation these are usually quite clear on the Landlords/Tenants Act. Make it very clear that you expect to have a certain thing done, by a certain date according to the Act and the recourse you will take if not done. Also remember to keep copies of everything that you send.
Hopefully this will clear things up and your concerns will be looked after. If not then it is time to contact the Landlord/Tenants office and explain the situation. They can direct you to the right thing to do next. In addition to that their website is also quite extensive with all sorts of assistance. Chances are you usually don’t have to go that far and it usually is a misunderstanding with your Toronto landlord. Do remember that the Act is there for your protection. Appraiser Game

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What to do if you have annoying neighbours?

I am sure each of us has had to deal with this at one time or another. It can get very frustrating and sometimes is quite UN nerving. In most cases I have seen no matter how much someone likes their Regina rental home the annoying neighbor takes that pleasure away. It is usually suggested to try your very best to ignore the disturbances, if that’s possible. If it’s an infrequent occurrence it might be good to see if you can put it aside. Unfortunately this may not be the case and you will have to deal with it.
How you deal with that annoying neighbor will depend on a few things. I guess the first thing would be do you own or rent the Ottawa property that you are in? This is all assuming that you are a tenant to begin with. Naturally if you own the property or are the landlord and the annoying neighbor lives there you would react differently, and we will discuss this later. It also makes a difference if you have any relationship with the annoying neighbor at all. If you feel safe and feel it may be productive, it would be advised to talk nicely to the neighbor yourself.
Not always are you in a situation where you can talk to the annoying neighbor. If this is the case then you need to report this to your landlord. You will want to have as many details about the annoyance as possible. Keep in mind, if at all possible it’s always best to try and solve yourself, as many people don’t like being reported. Also make sure before you report this to your landlord, or talk to them yourselves, that your request is reasonable. You really need to make sure that your complaint is legitimate, as typically people are not happy being complained on. You need to keep this in mind and make sure it is worth complaining about, and the repercussions that may go with it.
Now if you own the property where you are and are experiencing an annoying neighbor, than chances are you will have to deal with it on your own. The police are usually not interested in helping out with these domestic cases, unless there is a law being broken. Again do make sure your complaint is legitimate. The best thing to do is to approach the annoying neighbor yourself, nicely. Hopefully this will solve the problem and all is good. If this doesn’t work then you may need to contact the city or even look at pressing charges, if serious enough. Hopefully the situation never gets to that.
Now the situation is a bit different if you are the landlord or the home owner. You will need to tread on careful ground and make sure what they are doing is against the law or their lease. If that is the case usually explaining that to them is enough to make them stop. The main thing is regardless of the situation is to try to always deal with it nicely to begin with.

Is it better to rent a Calgary apartment/condo, than to buy one?

This is a very good question and totally depends on who you talk to, the answer you will get. There are definitely benefits to renting as there are benefits to buying. Much of the decision should be based on your personal situation at the time. This mainly means to take a look at your financial situation, yet there are other things to consider as well. You may be financially ready to purchase an apartment or a condo in Calgary, yet do you have the time to do it. Just keep in mind that buying a place requires more than just money.

All too often people rush into purchasing something and don’t think of all the other associated costs as well. These costs will naturally depend on what it is that you buy. Places that seem very popular these days to buy are Coops. As with everything there are good and bad with these. One of the downs to this is the maintenance and association fees that are included. Even after you pay all of these, there are usually so many stipulations it’s not like having your own place. It’s a good idea before purchasing any place to make sure you are aware of all costs, even the hidden ones.

Mostly when someone purchases a place they are doing it for 2 reasons, one is as an investment and the other is to have a place they can call their own. Owning your own place can be great but it also does come with a lot of responsibility. So again comes the question is it better to rent or to buy? As you can see now it is based on much more than just the money. You will need to take the time to look at all different things and assess the situation. It’s a good idea to look at what you are paying for rent compared to the price of a mortgage. If your rent is cheaper, what is the advantage?

Other things to consider as well are your situation. If you are single and not ready to settle down then renting is probably the better option. As well as having the money to purchase a place you will also have to make sure you have the money to pay for maintenance and such when it happens. When you own a place and the hot water tank bursts, you are the one that has to replace it, at your cost. When you are renting you make a phone call and they have to replace it. Just ask someone, household repairs and maintenance can be quite costly.

As mentioned previously, much of what is the best way to go is dependent on your own situation. It is best before you make the decision, is to not rush into anything. Sit down and weigh the pros and the cons for your situation and what is best for you. People will tell you it’s nice to purchase a place of your own to call your own. Keep in mind the bank actually owns it until you have made all the payments.

Is it against my rights to have a prospective landlord do a work and credit check on me?

This does seem to bother many people, yet a landlord is fully within their rights to do a work and a credit check on a prospective tenant. This should be done solely for the purpose of determining if you will be a good renter or not. A landlord’s main concern is that you will pay the rent. They need to assure that you have a job, and having been working for a while, to know you have income coming in. They also want to check your credit history, if you are late and behind in most of your payments, then chances are your rent won’t get paid either.
So if you are looking to rent a home in Saskatoon, then you need to be prepared to provide this information. As a landlord they have the right to request certain information and/or documents from you.


This may include the following:
• Basic information – this is just the basic stuff like where you currently work and live. They will probably ask how long you have lived in your current place and how long you have been employed.
• Letter from employer – they are within their rights to request a letter from your employer. This letter is to verify the income that you make and the ability you have to pay the rent.
• Bank statement – this will show to your prospective landlord that you have money in the bank to pay the rent. It will also be information to ready for a credit check. It will also show that you have a regular income coming into the account.
• A guarantor – this is not as common anymore yet the landlord is within their rights to ask for this. Basically someone signs for you, on your behalf, and states they will pay the rent in case you are unable to.
• References – what the landlord wants here is names of people that can vouch for you. They can be friends, employers and previous landlords. They will be needed to provide to the fact that you will be a great tenant and that will pay your rent as well.
All of the above a prospective landlord is fully within their rights to ask for. Many new rented do have a problem with some of these requests as they are just new at this. You will find most landlords are real good people they are just looking out for themselves. So if you are looking to rent then you should be prepared to provide this information. Maybe treat it like a job interview and have a resume done up. If you are prepared and organized, that will definitely be something in your favor. Have the information all printed out like a resume and have I ready for them shall they ask. The main thing to keep in mind is if you are a good tenant and a good person, then you have nothing to worry about by someone doing a work or credit check on you. Its a small price to pay to land that ideal apartment for rent in Calgary! Feedback

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Is it generally a good idea to rent a property out to younger renters?

This is always such a difficult question to answer, as it depends on who you talk to. Some people will say that renting to young people is just asking for trouble. Yet I have seen many young people much more responsible than older tenants. It seems the main feeling against young people is their lack of responsibility and maturity. Yet many people will argue how they can attain those values if no one will give them a chance. Landlords just need to remember that they can be picky on who they rent to, to a degree. It is illegal for a landlord to discriminate against any person.
The Federal law states that no landlord can discriminate against someone based on race, religion, sex, ethnic background and disability. Keep in mind this is Federal, some provinces and local laws extend past those. Some do include marital status, sexual orientation, children, animals and age. Whether renting or the renter, you need to make yourself aware of what the laws are where you live. If you are the renter then make sure you are aware of what your rights are. This is very important; mind you it wouldn’t be comfortable renting from someone that didn’t want you there.
There are also adult only places that do not rent to anyone under a certain each, which are usually 55. There is no discrimination here as this is the type of place it is. Younger people will typically find it harder to find a place to rent. If you are a younger person you need to keep in mind that you may have to sell yourself, as they are worried about your age. A steady place of employment is very important as well as any references that you may have. If come to the appointment prepared and voices the concern some landlords have with young people that may be bonus points for you.
If you are a landlord thinking of renting to a young person just remember we were all there once. What most of the young people need is a break and to be given a chance. There are many young people that can prove to be very responsible. One of the nice things about a young person is their desire to prove themselves worthy, may make them awesome tenants. Just remember as a landlord it is not discrimination if you just chat with the young person. Tell them what your concerns are and that you are willing to give them a chance.
Just remember that young people can make great tenants as well. A person’s suitability for an Edmonton rental place should not be based solely on their age. The whole situation of that person needs to be looked at. In addition as a landlord you can make stipulations in the lease, very carefully obviously. You also need to make sure you check for the more important things like job history and previous renting experiences.

How to make sure the home you are going to rent is right for you!

There are many ways for this to be done and naturally this should be done before you start renting the place. Knowing that every place is different the best thing to do is to have a list and know exactly what you are looking for in a rental. Keep in mind that it is a rental, so you may need to bend in some areas, yet you should have no problem finding the type of home you require.

As mentioned probably the best thing to do is to decide what is important to you in renting a Calgary home and write these down. I would also suggest having a list with must wants and willing to negotiate. There are definitely things that are so important to you, that you are not willing to live without. Then there are probably things that you would really love to have, yet are willing to do without if it’s the only thing stopping you from getting that perfect place.

So take the time carefully and write down the things that are crucial to you. This could be your own entrance, washer and dryer, alarm system and dishwasher. You will then need to decide which of the things that you really want are necessary, and you will not rent a home if you don’t have them. Something like a dishwasher can be okay if you don’t have, it would just be real nice. But you don’t want to find that perfect place that has everything that you are looking for except a dishwasher. Would it make sense to not rent the place because of that when it has everything else you want?

These are the decisions that you will have to make and it’s a good idea to make this list before you go looking for Ottawa rentals. Once you have your list ready then you are good to go start looking at places. Once out there looking you may find that some of your requests are not reasonable. For example maybe you wanted a washer and dryer in the home. When looking you found most of the places had them so you know this request is quite reasonable. You also know this is important to you as having to take your laundry somewhere else is time consuming and expensive.

Once you have your list made you are ready to look. Keep in mind that you may need to be flexible, and know beforehand what you are willing to do without or not. Also keep in mind, depending on the request; you may want to ask the landlord if it is possible. If you find a place that has everything that you want except the dishwasher, ask the landlord if they would be willing to put one in. Some landlords are willing to make concessions in order to have a good tenant. Besides there is no harm in asking, all they can say is no. Chances are good if you keep looking the perfect place is out there for you.