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How well do you know today's rental market? Now is your chance to prove it with RentersOnline.com's Appraiser game. Go to the Edmonton Appraiser game here.

How much rent can I afford calculator

A lot of people don't know what percentage of their income is recommended to spend on the monthly rent. We created this handy rent calculator to help you figure this amount out. View matching properties right below your own budget! Go to the Edmonton Rent Calculator here

Renters Guide

The Renters Guide provides information that tenants should be familiar with before renting. Topics include how to evaluate potential accommodations, what to do once a rental agreement has been made, issues that may arise during tenancy, and more. More Info

Sample Letters

Use the sample letters to assist you during your tenancy. More Info

More Information

Additional information for renters. More Info

Property Management Companies

Information about local property management companies. More Info

REALTORS® and Real Estate Brokerages

REALTORS® to offer you assistance with your rental properties. More Info

Financial Solutions

Information regarding financial solutions for renters. More Info

Other Links

Additional links you may find useful. More Info


See a term on rentersOnline that you did not understand? Use the glossary to find your answers. More Info

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